What I do (and did):

New York Times T Brand Studio

I help produce novel approaches to storytelling using dynamic combinations of data, writing, and video for the brand marketing unit of the New York Times.


My work for this influential sustainability advocate, which partners with a network of investors managing $17 trillion in assets, ranges from defining communications on quickly evolving topics to crafting viewpoints for blogs and papers. Examples of reports include Feeding Ourselves Thirsty and View from the Top.


 I collaborate with consultants and communications specialists at the world's second largest professional services group to shape, sharpen, and write research papers, magazine articles, and blogs.


For 12 years, I wrote and edited articles for the industry's most widely-read publication. My cover stories and features included Blogs Will Change Your Business and The Greening of America's Campuses. As an editor in the New York offices, I managed 25 reporters based in the U.S. and internationally who contributed to BW's coverage of tech and clean energy issues.

E: hg@heathergreenmedia.com