Writer and analyst with extensive experience in technology, business, and environmental issues.

I am an analytical thinker who works with some of the biggest companies in the world to find the best ways to tell their stories. I create original, compelling content that informs and persuades. Previously, I was an award-winning journalist based in the New York headquarters of BusinessWeek, writing and editing cover and feature stories that explored the evolution and business of technology. I've written for a variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the International Herald Tribune. In 2016, Penguin published my first book, To Catch a Cat, a memoir about rescuing cats in the wilds of New Jersey.


On a personal note

I'm based outside of Washington, DC. My husband, my daughter and I are long-time New Yorkers who are now embracing a life filled with horses, flowers, and bees. My husband works at Anderson Architects and is building a home for us on a hill with a view of very old bank barn.

I got my first shot at being a journalist in Paris, where I wrangled a part-time job as an editorial assistant at the International Herald Tribune. I mostly did grunt work, things that now sound like they’re from an ancient culture, such as cutting out articles from the paper and filing them in tiny drawers in a library so the reporters could consult them for research. Then, I got a story published. After seeing my name in print in a major publication, I was hooked.

Determined to launch my career, I left France for a job at Bloomberg News in Princeton, NJ. For a few months, I wondered why I had been so monumentally stupid. But I started covering the Internet and I loved it. It was 1995. No one had a clue what the “World Wide Web” was. Two years later, I moved to BusinessWeek, where I had a fabulous run reporting on the Internet and later on green energy. Full circle, in 2009 Bloomberg bought BusinessWeek and I decided it was time to head out on my own.   


Independent Consultant, 2010-present

Projects include research papers, bylined articles, and interactive features for corporations and non-profits including IBM, McKinsey, Ceres, The New York Times T Brand Studio, and venture capital backed startups.

Associate Editor, BusinessWeek, New York, NY, 1997-2009

Covered wide range of technology trends including social media, mobile, the Internet of Things, analytics, and cloud computing. Established BusinessWeek as a thought leader on the transformative power of social media by writing feature and cover stories about social networking. Contributed to the magazine’s pioneering coverage on green business and policy. Managed and generated story ideas from 25 reporters in bureaus in the U.S. and internationally.

Reporter, Bloomberg News, Princeton, NJ, 1994-1997

Created Internet beat at financial newswire, covering Yahoo, Amazon, and Netscape when they were startups. Wrote features and breaking news stories as the business models around Internet search, e-commerce, and online advertising were being developed.

Editorial Assistant, International Herald Tribune, Paris, France, 1991-1993

Contributed to a number of sections of the English-language daily newspaper, including the political affairs and editorial departments. Handled research for news stories for staff reporters and editors.

Freelance Journalist, Paris, France, 1990-1991

Wrote for Variety, the weekly entertainment magazine, about French cinema and American films overseas. Conducted research and interviews of doctors and patients for award-winning Associated Press bureau chief on book about the day after abortion pill, which was developed in France.


Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, Paris, France, Master’s degree, Political Science

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., BA, Comparative Literature

E: hg@heathergreenmedia.com